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Lifters, Timing Chains
& Accessories
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Valve Lifters

Click here! HL-230 Hydraulic Lifters
These high rev hydraulic valve lifters are stock .842" diameter.  Use on camshaft JM-18-20 and larger.  Set of 16.
Click here! HL-230-921 Hydraulic Lifters
These high rev hydraulic lifters are stock diameter (.921") for early Oldsmobile 400 & 425 and 350DX diesels when eliminating the roller camshaft.  Set of 16.
Click here! HL-232 Hydraulic Lifters
Performance hydraulic valve lifters.  .842" diameter only.  Can be used on all stock camshafts and Mondello performance camshafts up to JM-18-20.  For high performance use No. HL-230.  Set of 16.
Click here! 555-H Hydraulic Lifters
High-rev hydraulic valve lifters.  Only available in stock diameter .842".  Can be used with most of our hydraulic cams.  See Camshaft page for applications. 
Set of 16.
Click here! 555-HCR Hydraulic Lifters
Available in stock diameter .842", these lifters are recommended for Pro Drag and Street applications.  They are high volume-oil restricted and cryogenically frozen.  These lifters come with a lifetime warranty.  Set of 16.
Click here! ML-235-SP Mechanical Lifters
A true Oldsmobile mechanical tappet.  This tappet is .842" diameter and is .090" longer in the pushrod socket than Chevrolet lifters most manufacturers supply.  These tappets allow you to use very high lift camshaft without exposing oil gallery holes in lifter bores which causes drastic loss of oil pressure.  Set of 16.
Click here! RT-680 Mechanical Roller Lifters
Roller tappets designed exclusively for Oldsmobile engines.  Crossbar design for maximum performance and ease of installation.  No machine work required for installation.  Set of 16.
RT-685.gif (32775 bytes) RT-685 Hydraulic Roller Lifters
This .842" Oldsmobile hydraulic roller tappet incorporates crossbar design and fits all Oldsmobile engines with a .842" lifter bore.  This roller tappet is .500" longer than a stock tappet and requires a shorter, specially made pushrod.  Set of 16.
Click here! RT-690 Hydraulic Roller Lifters
This OEM style .921" hydraulic roller lifter for the 307 Oldsmobile will work with any stock hydraulic roller camshaft and all Mondello hydraulic roller camshafts.  Set of 16.

Timing Chains

Click here! TR-252 True Roller Timing Chain Set
True Roller Timing Chain Set manufactured to extremely close tolerances with precise T.D.C. marks.  Crank gear has three-position timing setting: standard, 4?advance and 4?retard.  Use our CB-155 offset cam bushings for precise timing when degreeing camshaft.
Click here! TR-499 True Roller Timing Chain Set
This True Roller Timing Chain Set is pre-stretched and has advance/retard settings marked right on the cam gear for precision cam timing. Standard, advance 6? retard 6?  (Click on the picture to see markings.)  We recommend the use of our TC-810 two piece timing cover to make your cam timing adjustments easier.

Timing Chain Covers

Click here! TC-525 OEM Stock Front Timing Cover Plate
This OEM stock front timing cover plate with seal replaces the stock units which tend to rust out where the water pump bolts are and should be replaced when erosion is present.
TC-525-C Timing Chain Cover  TC-525-C Chromed Front Timing Cover Plate
This front timing cover plate with seal is the same design as the TC-525 but is chromed for that show car look.


Click here! TC-811 Timing Cover Gasket
Timing cover gasket for all Oldsmobile Engines.
Click here! TC-815 Timing Cover Gasket Set
Includes front cover gasket, water pump gasket, front cover seal & front oil pan seal.
TM-455 Timing Indicator TM-455 OEM Timing Indicator
This is an OEM stock replacement black metal timing indicator.  Fits all V8's, 1964-1990.
LB-842.gif (16664 bytes) LB-842 Lifter Bar
This is an aluminum lifter bar as supplied in our No. CDK-455 kit.  It is 6.400" long and is .842" on one end and .921" on the other end.  This lifter bar makes camshaft degreeing easy because the indicator contacts the top of the machined bar not the pushrod seat in the lifter body.  This bar fits any engine with a .842" or .921 lifter bore dimension.



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