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Giant Killer by Chris Hemer, Popular Hot Rodding
Bigger isn't always better and Mondello's 307 Olds proves the point.

Bulletproof Big Blocks
by Chris Hemer, Popular Hot Rodding
If your 455 Olds needs a booster shot, then it's time to call 'The Doctor'.

440 Olds Stroker Small Block
Photos by Chris Hemer, Popular Hot Rodding
The strong arm solution for weak-kneed 350's.

Head Porting At Home
by Marlan Davis, Car Craft
Professionally prep your own heads with Mondello's home porting kit.

Porting at Home
by Michael Lufty, All Chevy 
Head Wizard Joe Mondello offers tricks of the trade.

Unsung Hero
by Scott Parkhurst, Popular Hot Rodding 
The 403 Olds may be the most overlooked performance engine ever.

Horsepower Secrets
by Chris Hemer, Musclecar Review  
How to make a stock-looking engine run like the wind.

The Other 350's: Oldsmobile
by Marlan Davis, Car Craft  
The Olds 350's design specs offer ample performance potential.

403 Olds Engine Building
by Cam Benty, Popular Hot Rodding  
More tips on a 403 buildup.

455 Olds to Go
by Marlan Davis, Car Craft 
Joe Mondello builds a 500-horse 455 that's the 'Torque of the town'.

Project Murderous Overkill by Christian Hazel, JP Magazine
The Mondello Monster.

Rebuilding Your First Engine by Joe Mondello
This is a six part article with step-by-step instructions.


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